India's Rain Forest Animals
Ruthie, Grace, Jesse & Simeon
P.S. 87
Janet Acobes

Howler Monkey  

howlermonkey howlermonkey

The howler monkey has a lot of hair, small ears, a small tail, and a wide mouth. Howler monkeys live in the canopy of the rain forest.



Pythons can grow about 20 feet long.  They can lay up to 100 eggs. One of the foods that the python eats is leopard.

Vine Snake


Vine snakes eat young birds and lizards.  When vine snakes are in danger, they camouflage in vines.



Elephants are the biggest animal in the rain forest.  Only male elephants have tusks.  Baby elephants are called calves.  They are endangered.  That means that there are only a few elephants left in the wild.



There are two kinds of sloths in the world.  The three-toed sloth and the two-toed sloth. Sloths are mammals and live about ten years.




Many kinds of bats live in the rain forest such as the vampire bats.  Bats eat insects.  Some bats eat fruit.



Jaguars can climb trees and swim to catch their prey.  They are known for their fast running. Jaguars like to hunt weaker animals so they can win with no fight.  They eat cattle, pigs, terrapins and dogs.


The tapir is a shy animal that looks like a pig with a long snout.  Even though tapirs are big (they are heavier than a gorilla) it is hard to spot them in the rain forest.


Chameleons are a kind of lizard that can change colors as the light or temperature changes, or when it is scared.  The chameleon has a long sticky tongue that darts out of its mouth to catch insects. They also eat plants. Chameleons grow up to twenty-five inches long.

Crested Guan 

Crested guans are birds that eat fruit and seeds.  They live in the drier areas.  They are thirty-five inches long.  They live in the lowland rain forest.


Tigers are big orange animals with black stripes.  They eat deer, cow, buffalo and rabbits.

King Cobras

King cobras eat other snakes and lizards. They only eat meat in January.  They lay up to forty or fifty eggs at a time.  King cobras live only one year.


The flying gecko lives high up in the rain forest.  The gecko doesn't really fly - it glides from tree to tree to escape danger.  They have very good eyesight and hearing.  This helps them find insects to eat at night.

Bearded Dragon

The flying dragon lives all over Asia.  It is a reptile.  It is 19 to 22 cms long.  Ants and termites are what it likes to eat.  The flying dragon is not an endangered animal.

Slow Loris 

The slow loris is a mammal that lives in India's rain forest.  It eats insects, bird eggs, small birds, shoots and fruit. Its body is 26 inches long.




The flying lizard can fly up to 35 meters!

Gibbons are the only ape found in India’s rain forests.   They are called “singing apes” because of the way they communicate with one another.   Gibbons live in the canopy.

The “Indian Bird Wing” is the largest butterfly.

There are many more animals that live in India’s rain forests.  A lot of the animals are endangered.   The clouded leopard, flying squirrel, sloth, leopard, tiger, slow loris, and Indian bison are just a few.   Some birds that are endangered are pheasants, eagles, owls, wood ducks and hornbills. 

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