Fruits, Vegetables, Spices
Tyler, Sara, Conner, Brett, Felipe
P.S. 87
Janet Acobes, Teacher

Did you know that rain forests give us a lot of the food we eat every day like tomatoes, peppers, coconuts, bananas, coffee, tea, cocoa (to make chocolate), beans, sweet potatoes, spices and lots more?   Take a look at some of the food and spices that come from the tropical rain forest! 

avocado            banana       cassava        citrus fruits

avocado        banana       cassava   citrus

coconut         guava        jackfruit      sweet potato

coconut   jpeg   jackfruit   sweet potatoes

mango         papaya         lychee
mango   papaya     

pineapple         rice       sugarcane       tamarind
pineapple   rice   
sugar      tamarind

 yam             coffee
yam     coffee


black pepper       cardomom         cinammon        ginger

pepper              cardomom           cinammon          ginger

nutmeg & mace     tumeric           vanilla
nutmegmace              turmeric            vanilla        


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