People of the Indian Rain Forest


Jennifer, Nick, Naomi, Timothee, Avianca
P.S. 87
Janet Acobes

Do people live in India’s rain forest?

Yes!   The Mishmis is one of the tribes.  They grow their own food.  The women are excellent at weaving.  They trade mostly animal skins, plants that help make medicine and deer-musk.   Another tribe that lives in the Indian rainforest is the Adis.  The Adis women are also good at weaving.  They are known for their dance called “Ponung.”  They like to dance.  The Hrusso is another tribe that lives in the Indian rain forest.   They paint their faces with black marks.   They are excellent traders.   They trade cloth blankets and other things.



Deforestation means that people cut down trees faster than the trees can grow.   When the trees are cut down, plants and insects can’t survive.   Plants that haven’t been discovered are being destroyed.   Big companies cut down trees to make furniture, houses, wood for fireplaces, to make roads, grow food and also to make space for people to live.  We all have to take better care of our planet.  If the rain forests keep getting destroyed, we won’t have any in the future and that would be sad.  Scientists wouldn’t have many plants to make helpful medicines.   Right now, many animals are losing their homes because rain forests are being destroyed.  The good news is that people are speaking out and trying to protect the rainforests.  We hope that it’s not too late!!


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