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Cuban Crocodiles and Pink Flamingoes Slide Show
(Photo and story by Steve Winter, National Geographic Magazine)

Current Conservation Efforts
("How long can the island remain an ecological holdout?", Smithsonian Magazine, May 2003)

Research Species of Latin America and the Carribean
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Cuban Snails

Cuba has a unique biological diversity. It is an island community with endemic species that are protected by various geographic, cultural and political  factors.

With more than 350 bird species and 35 mammal species, the island is rich in diversity. To get a better perspective of how Cuba compares to other countries, visit diverse species of Latin America and the Caribbean.

The activities on this page will help you gain a cultural and environmental perspective to increase your understanding and appreciation of the biological diversity of Cuba.


View Cuba from the Moon. Notice the relatively light pollution, as compared to New York City.

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Map of Cuba

Cuban History 101, Click on the car and get going.

Take a break and make some art about Cuba.

Learn about the history.

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