Plant Biodiversity in Cuba  

      What kind of
ecosystems can we find in Cuba?

Cuba has many different types of environments.  You can find all kinds of forests (rainforest, evergreen, coniferous, semi-deciduous, and deciduous), as well as desert-like areas with succulents and cacti, mangroves, swamps, and lagoons!

      Where can we
 find these places?

           Are there any
flowerrare or

The image from the top of the page on the left is Butterfly Jasmine and the image on the right is Royal Palm.  These are the official flower and tree of Cuba.  To learn more about interesting species, or to see what kinds of crops are grown in Cuba, click here.

Are the people of
  Cuba involved in keeping the plantlife diverse?

YES!  Many families in Cuba have their own gardens where they take pride in preserving rare, interesting, and traditional plant species either as food products for themselves and their families, or to sell at local markets.  There is even research being done to shed some light on these rich family gardens.