Interesting Plant Species

Medicinal Plants

Cecropia   Cecropia palmata
USED TO TREAT:  headaches, stomach
aches, infections, digestive ailments

Okra Hibiscus esculentus L   
USED TO TREAT:   throat and tonsil
infections, digestive ailments,
vomiting, and fatigue

Beetroot   Beta vulgaris L
USED TO  TREAT:  headaches, skin
irritations, high cholesterol, liver, spleen
and gallbladder problems

Rare Species

Tapura orbicularis                      







Doerpfeldia cubensis


These very rare tree species are on the verge of extinction.  The pictures on the left are specimens in the New York Botanical Garden's collection.  The website does not even give information regarding the location of the species in order to discourage illegal collecting.  Click on each picture to view its page on the New York Botanical Garden's website. 

The species are also listed on the
IUCN Red List of Threatened Species TM
which has a comprehensive listing of other endagered species. 

Crop Species

Sugarcane     Tobacco    Coffee   Rice Beans Potatoes 



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