The Foods of the Maasai Tribe
                 The Maasai Tribe, once known as the greatest herders, ruled the mass areas of Eastern Africa.

Take a look at this page and you will understand how the Maasai tribe have lived for hundreds of years by cultivating a diet of meat, milk, and other foods that you might be amazed to find out are edible. . .
Did you know?                
That the people of the Maasai Tribe drink BLOOD???

It's true.                   

Often times they draw blood from their herds and they use it for ceremonial purposes.  Then they drink the blood either freshly from the cattle or boiled, although often they drink the blood mixed with yogurt.

Did you know?
That the Maasai Tribe on a daily basis eat snacks like honey or cornmeal, but at dinner time they have their main meal. They use this time to socialize with family and friends.  Men and boys eat separately, as well as the women and girls. 

Did you know?
That the people of the Maasai Tribe
don't use forks.

In many villages, the people gather around a large bowl of food set on the ground and scoop up the food with their fingers or with pieces of bread.
Did you know?
That the Maasai use the urine of animals for medical purposes.  It is thought that the urine of animals is holy and that if used in the right way it can cure sickness.  Not only do they use the urine, but they also use the dung as a plaster for their huts to keep out the rain.  The hooves are used for celebration, while the skin is used as clothing and footwear.

The Maasai Tribe live in Kenya and North Central Tanzania:
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Much like the American Native Indians, the Maasai Tribes have a great respect for nature.  They only kill animals that they need to eat and do not hunt for sport.  They not only highly respect the animals they kill, but even the dangerous creatures that live among them like the scorpions and lions.  

You might think that the Maasai Tribe eat tons of meat, due to their hunting and gathering
type culture, however they actually only eat meat on special occasions.

When sitting at meals the older men get the biggest portions, then younger men, boys, older women, middle aged women, and lastly younger women.
At these meals the types of food that they might eat include chicken, goat, or beef. They also on occasion eat fish from the rivers and lakes that surround them.

A young lady dressed in tribal clothing and jewels used during ceremonial customs.  If you look closely you can see that it is not make-up that is giving her face a red appearance, but animal blood.

Flat bread like the one you see above, as well as other products made from grain, are very popular food groups among the Maasai Tribe. They use grains and wheat and steam them.  They also use various spices along with vegetables, plants and natural oils to make breads.  Meat is often either too expensive or too valuable of a commodity to be eaten on a daily basis.

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