Story Characters

Among all the Native American tales, story characters pop out everywhere at any time. These characters are very well known by most people especially the Native Americans themselves. Folklore characters may vary from certain exotic animals to heroes and gods. Their descriptive actions are the most significant attractions that enriched the senses of these tales.

Folktale & Fable Characters

Coyotes are often seen in folktakes and fables. In both category of stories, the coyotes serve as an important role and do great things, both marvelous and horrible. In stories such as "Coyote and the Old Rock" the coyote dared to do something so terrible that he got a severe punishment

Many characters such as Little Bear often appear in folktales. This character did heroic things that helped people in many ways.

In some stories, the characters are simply named by the kinds of creatures or people they are. For example in the "First Tears" the main character is named Man and the others are named Woman and Son, which is basically who they are. So Native Americans give many unusual names to their story characters.

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