Corn Soup

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Native Americans have many dinner dishes. Some people like rice, meat, chicken and especially soup. You will be reading today about a special kind of soup that many Native Americans recommend if you ever want to eat some Native American dishes. This is the real, traditional soup. This soup is called Corn Soup. Corn Soup is more a vegetable soup than just corn soup but corn base is used. The soup contains many vegetables like beans, peppers, and corn. Other nutritious foods are mixed in to make it.

The soup is made with washed green corn. The corn is cooked and washed three times so that the corn is milky and it has no dirt in it. Take the green corn and place it in a large pot. Add some kidney beans into the pot, add cold water to make the soup thick. Add some cooked deer, moose, ribs, or cow meat. You may now add some salt and pepper to the soup. Cook the soup until the corn is done. If you would like more vegetables added to your soup you can add carrots, cabbage, and turnips. I hope you enjoy your soup.

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