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           People have their own Knowledge of Spirits, it was the name of the religion of most of the Native Americans. Most of their religious guidance was provided by priests, who also were mediators between people and spirits. There were also traditions; there was one called "Vision Quest." A vision quest involved an individual alone in the wilderness, spending a number of days fasting and seeking spiritual power/vision for life. The vision quest was a part of a youth ritual way into maturity. This was a society for boys and girls. Some people just go from time to time as a spiritual discipline. Young men also trained here to become warriors; they believed that without a spirit guardian no man could survive a lot of battles.

         Every Native American religion involves ritual, which brings the community together. "Community ceremonies are led by the 'false faces,' wooden-masked impersonators of the spirit who protect the people from disease, to drive all disease away." An important annual ritual celebrated by Southeastern Native Americans is called the Green Corn Ceremony. People disinfected themselves, made sure their house was cleaned, and prayed.