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Native American Religion Native American Tipis
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         Did you ever wonder where the Native Americans slept and lived? Well, now you can stop wondering. They used tipis. A tipi is a kind of cone designed tent. It is made simply from wood and cloth. Usually right outside of a couple of tipi there would be a fire. This fire is to cook the animals they find, to keep warm, and mostly for light. At night when it gets dark that's when all the wild animals attack like bears. That's when the fire comes in handy, as it keeps wild animals away. The heat from the fire scares the animal and it doesn't go anywhere near the fire. When someone had a virus or was very sick some Native Americans would go around the woods looking for herbs to heal the person. The sick person would wait in the tipi, and that's another use for the tipi. These diseases came from animals. They are called plagues. The only way to heal it was with herbs. Every time an animal was killed there was a new disease that came from it.