Native American Stories 

Native American stories consist of cultural traditions and many of their beliefs. Their tales are mixed with characters of animals, heroes, and sometimes gods. Their tales are used to explain the phenomena of their natural world. During the mid-17th century, Native Americans were forced to leave their native lands that had been claimed by the early European settlers. But their rich cultural tales still exist. Today, people of all ages from all over the world still read Native American stories for enjoyment.

"Native American mythology is a very rich cultural history of its own. In the telling of tales, many things can be taught or learned. This is one of the ways that many tribes kept their cultures alive; it was not just a collection of stories, but of their beliefs, their ways, and their lives. Many legends are still told; some old, some new, but all are part of the beautiful culture that the indigenous peoples of North America have had and still have. In the telling of some of these stories, I will be handing along things that were told from grandmother to granddaughter; grandfather to grandson, for many generations. These stories, in and of themselves, are near to sacred for many groups of people. I honor each of you who read these stories with them; I wish you well, and hope that you all learn some of the history and understanding of these Native peoples. There are many different kinds of stories. There are some that are called "hero stories"; these are stories of people who lived at one time, and who were immortalized by these stories of them. There are "trickster stories", about the different trickster figures of the tribes (Saynday for the Kiowa; Coyote for the Navajo Dine'); and so on, who were both helpful and dangerous figures in the belief. There are tales that are simply warnings; they warn against doing something that may harm in some way. And there are many other types as well. In reading these tales, you may notice that many, if not all, have morals or some form of belief that is being taught; these are the teachings of the storytellers. This is how the things were remembered. And finally, if you retell these tales, please remember; many of these begin or end in a certain way. Try and keep them as they are... that way, generations from now, many people can enjoy the same legends that you are reading now."

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Native American Tales are the most cultural and enjoyable tales that we still read today!!