Native American Religion

Native American Religion

Native American Sweat Lodge Ceremonies

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         Native Americans made many ceremonies and one of them was the Pipe and the Sweat Lodge Ceremony. This ceremony was to celebrate one's respect for nature. In this ceremony tribe members learned about old earth cultures. They were taught love for nature and sacred customs to keep in touch with it. Throughout history different kinds of versions of sweat ceremonies have been practiced.

         People could participate in Pipe and Sweat Lodge Ceremonies once a week. They began with a Pipe Ceremony in the Tipi in the Tipi Village. Here people could share their prayers by combining their breath with smoke to join it with the wind and the Seven Arrows. The breath means the truth would travel throughout the ecosystem.

The Sweat Lodge is a ceremony that combines and expresses the lifeblood of the world. Water is the lifeblood of this environment of fire, water, air, and earth, which are the four elements. When you enter the mist you could begin the bond with the creator, which is God and Mother Earth. Native Americans used this ceremony to purify themselves physically and spiritually with nature. The Sweat Lodge was used to prepare them for big events like the Vision Quest, Hunt, and the Sun Dance. Actually the Sweat Lodge is similar to a steam bath.