Professional Development

In addition to the many resources provided at this web site, there are schools and school districts who want their teachers to receive additional training and support in the CultureQuest process. Generally, this training includes one or more of the following:

  • working with teachers on approaches to and issues in the study of culture
  • strengthening teachers technology skills and
  • developing a deeper understanding of inquiry-based, project-centered classroom work

The Center for School Development also is developing an online, three-credit graduate course for teachers under the auspices of the Center for Global Engagement at Mercy College. Teachers who register for this course will be taken through their first classroom CultureQuest and mentored through each of the steps of the program. If you are interested in learning more about the course, please contact Dr. Sheila Gersh

  • For information about workshops in your school or district

The Center will provide a 3-hour orientation about CultureQuest. A follow-up hands- on session can also be held for teachers who are interested in implementing CultureQuest in their class.

If you are interested in attending an orientation or workshop, please contact Dr. Sheila Gersh at