Project Toolkit
Steps in Doing a Class CultureQuest Project

 Planning Your CultureQuest
1 Preparation
2 Planning and Pedagogy
3 Develop a Country Profile
4 Introducing the Study of Culture
5 Forming Groups
6 Researching Aspects of Culture
7 Writing up the Research
8 Completing the Project
9 Presenting and Publishing Projects
Teachers initially identify the country that will be studied based upon:
· Their curriculum
· Interest students would have in the country chosen
· Extensiveness of Internet and community resources for country selected
· Timeliness of your selection in terms of current events
Resources that you and your students can use should include:
Internet Resources including: informational web sites, web sites that focus on aspects of the culture of the country, online experts who can be consulted online, knowledgeable adults who can respond to questions online, and teachers and students in classrooms in the target country.
Community Resources including: museums, libraries, embassies or consulates, community centers, parents and other children or adults from the country or culture being studied.
Traditional resources including: classroom texts, school library books, other library resources, movies, and videos
Select the kind of CultureQuest project you and your students, working in small groups, will do:
Types of CultureQuest Projects
Explore cultural aspects of another country.Optional: compare to own culture
Explore aspects of culture repre-sented by the different cultural heritages of your students
Explore the similarities and differ-ences of an aspect of culture across countries. (e.g., Music)
Aspects of the culture or subcultures of your own country.
While most CultureQuest projects focus on one country or culture and have students look at different aspects of that culture (art, music, everyday life, etc), another way to do the project would be to take one cultural aspect (like art) and have different groups of students look at art in different cultures. (e.g., Art in different countries of Asia). A third possibility is to have groups of students within your class focus on different countries. We only recommend this approach for older students. But it's your choice. We do recommend involving your students in the decision as to which country to examine if possible.
Develop the goals and objectives for your project adapting some the general CultureQuest goals in the table below.
Academic Knowledge/Skills
Technology Skills
Learning Skills
Cultural Knowledge and Values
Internet Use
Problem Solving
Know and Appreciate Diversity and Multiculturalism
Computer Skills
Research, and Inquiry
Know and Appreciate Other Cultures
History and Geography
Web Page Design and Creation
Speaking and Presentation
Know & Appreciate Own Culture
Multiple Intelligence
Multimedia Skills
Global Awareness

Prepare CultureQuest project timeline, checklist, and rubrics. Refer to the CultureQuest Teachers' Guide for forms and resources.