Project Toolkit
Steps in Doing a Class CultureQuest Project

 Implementing Your CultureQuest Project
1 Preparation
2 Planning and Pedagogy
3 Develop a Country Profile
4 Introducing the Study of Culture
5 Forming Groups
6 Researching Aspects of Culture
7 Writing up the Research
8 Completing the Project
9 Presenting and Publishing Projects

There are a number of ways to help your students begin their study and understanding of culture. Our CultureQuest Teachers' Guide provides you with a variety of ideas, activities, resources, and materials to help do this. One suggestion is to begin with a class discussion about how to define culture. Arrive at the definition of culture using the activities and materials that best suites your class. Some agreed upon thoughts are: Culture is the way of life that a group of people share in common, including: traditions, rituals, the arts, language, technology, ideas, beliefs, attitudes, and values. It consists of learned behaviors that are passed from one generation to the next.