Project Toolkit
Steps in Doing a Class CultureQuest Project

 Implementing Your CultureQuest Project
1 Preparation
2 Planning and Pedagogy
3 Develop a Country Profile
4 Introducing the Study of Culture
5 Forming Groups
6 Researching Aspects of Culture
7 Writing up the Research
8 Completing the Project
9 Presenting and Publishing Projects

Upon project completion, each group makes a formal presentation of its work to the class. The presentations can be done exhibiting the part of the class web site or PowerPoint each group completed. Students should also discuss some of what they learned in the course of this project.

The first page of each web site is the CultureQuest template. Each group's section is linked to this opening page. See the CultureQuest Teachers' Guide for the location of the template. The completed CultureQuest Project is uploaded to school server, the CultureQuest Server, or one of the free hosting sites such as Geocities.