Food of India
PS 87
Laura Truitt, Teacher

 Dear Readers,

This is a web page about Indian food.  Our topics are tea, bread and spices.  I hope you like our web page.
Love from AO, AF, AR, and DR.


The main foods in India are rice, wheat, lentils, vegetables, meat, fish, yogurt, curd and clarified butter called ghee. These foods are often used in Indian cooking.  Curry is not always hot but sometime it is. Families mostly eat fish or meat curry, two to three vegetables, lentils or rice and dessert and maybe fresh fruit for each meal.


People in India make bread with whole wheat or corn flower. These breads are eaten hot.  You can have it in any meal.  They are prepared in a lot of ways. like baked in an oven or fried.  Most Indian breads are unleavened and are flat and round like a pancake.


India has a lot of types of tea.  The two most famous teas are Assam and Darjeeling.  Darjeeling is white tea.  When the U.S buys tea from India it always says "Orange Pekoe."  The color orange is the color from the Royal Dutch Family.


Indian people use many spices in their cooking, maybe over 100.  Some of them are hot, some of them are not.  One of the most common Indian spices is tumeric.  Curry in India is not like curry powder we buy here. Curry means "gravy" in India, and when you sit down to eat curry, you are eating a dish that includes gravy.  Curry usually includes hot or sour flavors.


I learned a lot about India and it was very exciting to learn about it, because I never knew that much about it. It was hard but easy at the same time.  Someday I would love to go to India, and see if what I read is really true.

India was very interesting to learn about.  It was fun and sometimes it was boring, but I enjoyed it.  One day I would love to go to India to learn more.

I learned that this was fun.  I liked when Ms. Kaul taught us about India and gave us food from India.  It was very nice of her to teach us.  I like when her daughter brought in those materials from India.  She is a very nice lady.

India was fun.  I learned a lot. 


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Thank yous

Ms. Kaul
PS 87 Library
Sheila Gersh

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