Places & Landmarks of India
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Laura Truitt, Teacher

Religious Places

Temple Shri is dedicated to Lord Shiva.  It is located at Prislin Ponda Taiuka.

The temple in Thirwanathaouram is very important.  The temple is high up to God.

The Moti Masjid has another name.  It is called Pearl Mosque.  It is a beautiful building but no one can go in and out.  The Moti Masjid was built in 1646.  The building is a part of Red Fort Agra.

Mughal Emperor Akbar

Akbar started building a tomb in the 1500's.  He died during construction and his son took over and made the tomb smaller to save money.  There are four sandstone gates.  They are Hindu, Muslim, Christian and a mixture.  The sculpture of Akbar is below ground and only a little bit of light gets on the tomb.  There is a copy of the tomb in the courtyard.

Public Places

Sankamutkham Beach:  The long stretch of clean sand is hidden.  The water there is not good for bathing.

Kolam:  Kolam Beach is 16 Kilometers away from the great city.  It is supposed to be one of the nicest beaches in the entire world.

Culangn Beach:  People say you should visit this beach.  It's along the Arabian sea.  It is very popular, the visitors say.

Student Reflections

To get where I am now in India, I had to go through a lot.  Let me list them:  I had to do 12 notes in my own words and the other people in my group only had 1 or 2. Since I did all the work in my group, I got to do the fun stuff.  I got to go on the computer and look for a background for my site.  Now I know how difficult it can be to be in a group.  Now you know what I've been through.


I learned a lot about India not because I'm from India. I learned things I never knew.



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Thank yous

Kavery Kaul:
Class presentation and the snacks.

Sheila Gersh:
For showing us the pictures.


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