Red Power

The Red Power was a political movement in the 1960's. The Native Americans were fighting to get back their land. They felt that they had to get violent in order to regain their civil rights. Most them were willing to to break the laws and confront the government. Most of these Native Americans came from the urban ghettos and were not Indians from reservations. They were influenced by the African Americans.

The Native Americans were being discriminated against by the non-native Americans. For example, the government and the others that were not Native Americans tried to stop them from fishing in certain rivers. They were even arrested for trying to fish in the same place as other people. This caused the Native Americans to fight with the police. This lead them to have to go to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court ruled in favor of the Native Americans.

The most important organization of the Red Power Movement was the American Indian Movement. This organization was founded in 1968 from the state of Minneapolis. They were trying to stop the police's cruelty against them. In order to show this to them they taped the police. Once they did this they made contact with Native Americans in reservations all over the U.S.. Soon enough they spread around the country. They wanted their land back so they fought and used treaties that were not being followed. Finally things they wanted to accomplish were accomplished.


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