Project Toolkit
Steps in Doing a Class CultureQuest Project

 Implementing Your CultureQuest Project
1 Preparation
2 Planning and Pedagogy
3 Develop a Country Profile
4 Introducing the Study of Culture
5 Forming Groups
6 Researching Aspects of Culture
7 Writing up the Research
8 Completing the Project
9 Presenting and Publishing Projects

After deciding on the elements of your educational web site, the students work on and complete the design of the web site. Teachers and students must decide whether to have each small group adopt the same look and feel (colors, fonts, style) or to have each group express its own creativity. Yet the students need to consider what will be best for the reader. How many readers will be attracted to their site and how long will they look at it. See the CultureQuest Teachers' Guide for a list of criteria for a well-designed web site.

Where possible, students should be encouraged to learn to create the project web site themselves, using an available web editor such as Netscape Composer. How to create text, images, hyperlinks, tables, color, and formatting items are the basics skills the students will need to learn. As an alternative to creating a web site, the class may create an effective PowerPoint presentation to present the project since it can accommodate graphics, text with hyperlinks, and many other elements. All the slides need to cohere and have the look of a single presentation. Class PowerPoint presentations will then need to be uploaded to a server.

The teacher should read the work of each group before it goes on the web for errors of content, tone, spelling, grammar, and possible cultural misunderstandings. Each member of the group should also read and edit the work of other members of the group. If possible, have some adult knowledgeable about the culture review the content before it is posted.